SemTherm 2021 Workshop is an accompanying event dedicated for young researchers, PhD students and students (higher years). It will take place at the Factory of Engineers of the XXI Century on 27-28.09.2021 and will cover:

•    lectures of prominent scientists

•    two (chosen) workshops

SemTherm 2019 Workshop fee is 100 PLN.  


Each participant can take part in two different workshops out of the six presented below.




Materials Investigation Methods

During the workshop two basic investigation techniques will be presented: Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray diffraction methods. The program of workshop includes the presentation of the main principles of operation of both techniques as well as advanced techniques of investigation possible to perform with their use. During the SEM part the participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with such techniques as SEM-EDS, SEM-EBSD and ion cross polishing as well, whereas the XRD part will include the qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, stress analysis, determination of parameters of thin layers and multilayered systems using the X-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction methods.



Raman spectroscopy of carbon materials

During the workshop participants will be introduced to the Raman spectroscopy technique  – a particularly valuable tool in the characterization of carbon nanomaterials. Participants will have the opportunity to examine the structure of carbon materials, such as inter alia, graphene, carbon nanotubes or diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films, and they will get acquainted with the interpretation principles of the received spectra.



Design Thinking

Design Thinking workshop is a course on creative and innovative way to solve problems. The goal of this workshop is to experience what design thinking is, boost your creativity and get to know the whole path of solving process – empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping and testing your solution.



Flexible photovoltaics

The workshop will be focused on the manufacturing technology of inorganic flexible photovoltaic devices. During the workshop students will examine the unique challenges of flexible photovoltaics on substrates such as plastic, flexible glass, textiles and polymer or metal foils. The deposition technology of all basic layers of an exemplary flexible solar cell will be demonstrated. The workshop will also present the mechanical and/or thermal fatigue tests on selected samples. The requirements and challenges for flexible photovoltaic devices will be discussed.




During the Workshop participants will design Fiber To The Home Network. First they will have short presentation about the rules during the design of FTTH networks process. Participants will calculate the power budget. Furthermore they will select active and passive elements for designed optical network.




At the technology workshop the selected manufactures methods and processes will be presented and described. During the workshop, the main processes such as cleaning, oxidation, photolithography and metallisation will be described and presented. The workshop will be at the specialist laboratory, the clean-room laboratory, where are the tougher requirements for cleanliness and sterility of air. The participants will do the photolithography and characterise sample before and after the process.

Remark: Max. 5 people


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